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Jewish Educational System in Palestine: New Draft Prepared by Director of Education Destroys Mizrach

The Advisory Board of the Mizrachist Schools in Palestine has adopted a resolution demanding the resignation of Dr. Berkson, the Director of Education of the Jewish Agency, complaining that the new draft which he has prepared for the conduct of the schools, destroys the autonomy of the Mizrachi schools and introduces autocracy by the Board of Directors of Zionist Education (the Vaad Hachinuch).

Dr. Berkson’s new education draft is destructive of the autonomy of the Mizrachi schools for the following reasons, Mizrachist leaders here said to the J.T.A. to-day:

It is establishing that henceforth (1) appointments and dismissals of Mizrachi school teachers will be made by the Vaad Hachinuch while at present they are made by the Mizrachi Advisory Board; (2) the programme of the schools will be drafted by a special pedagogic committee and decided by the Director of the Vaad Hachinuch, while now it is fixed by the Mizrachi Advisory Board; and (3) it abolishes the administrative autonomy of the Mizrachi schools.