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Rights Given to Antisemitic Students’ Body at Vienna University Annulled by Austrian Constitutional

The Constitutional Court of the Austrian Federal Republic formulated its decision to-day in the case (reported in the J.T.A. Bulletin of the 20th. inst.), in which it was asked to adjudge whether the student rights conferred by the Senate of Vienna University on the antisemitic German race students’ organisation, which does not admit Jewish students as members, recognising it as the official representative body of the students attending the University is in accordance with the Constitution of the country and the principle of equal rights of all citizens. The Constitutional Court has found that the students’ order in question is unconstitutional, the J.T.A. representative here learns from a reliable source, and the decision is to be made public to-morrow. The verdict will automatically annul the order of the University Senate and will deprive the German race-students’ body of all the privileges which it had bestowed on its members.

The Constitutional Court is the supreme and sole authority on controversies arising on the question whether laws put in force by the Federal Government, the State Governments or local or other authorities in the country are in accordance with the Constitution, and no appeal is possible from its verdict.

It is feared, that the announcement of the decision will give rise to fresh anti-Jewish demonstrations at the University.