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Antisemitic Students at Munich University Start Hunt Against Baptised Jewish Professor.

Professor Naviasky, a baptised Jew, who is Professor of Constitutional Law at Munich University, is the victim of a big campaign for his dismissal which has been started by the Hitlerist students at the University, with the support of the Hitlerist chief organ, the “Voelkischer Beobachter”, which appears in Munich. The reason given for the campaign is that the Professor said in the course of a lecture that the Peace Treaties of Brest-Litovsk and of Bucharest are just as harsh as the Treaty of Versailles under which Germany is suffering. The Hitlerist students organised immediately a demonstration in the lecture room and demanded that “the Jew must be dismissed”. Students who rallied to his defence were beaten by the Hitlerists. Professor Naviasky tried to find another hall in which to continue his lecture, but he was set upon in the corridors by the Hitlerist students. Order was restored only when the Rector promised the Hitlerist students that he would open an investigation against Professor Naviasky.