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Palestine Labour Delegation Stand for Anti-revisionist Coalition Executive but Neither for or Agains

A coalition Executive, without the participation of either the Revisionists or of Dr. Weizmann was suggested to-day at a Conference called by Deputy Gruenbaum, the leader of the small Radical group which was attended by the Radical delegates, the Palestine Labour delegates, the delegates of the English Zionist Federation and the South African delegates. Deputy Gruenboum explained that his purpose was to achieve unity between the various groups in their attitude towards the Zionist Executive. All the Zionist fractions except the Revisionists were invited to the Conference, but it was sparsely attended, and the General Zionists of Palestine were conspicuously absent.

No definite conclusions were reached, on account of the attitude of the English Zionist Federation delegation, who declared that they do not consider the Weizmann issue disposed of. The Radicals, however, are definitely committed against any continuation of Dr. Weizmann as leader.

The Palestine Labour delegation declared that they stand for an anti-Revisionist coalition, but that they do not identify themselves with any movement, either for or against any particular person, since the important question to them is that of programme.