Nazis Riot at Lectures of Jewish Professors
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Nazis Riot at Lectures of Jewish Professors

As a sequel to the attacks on Jewish students by Nazis in the University of Berlin, the Hitlerite students today turned their anti-Semitic hatred on Jewish professors at the Universities of Munich and Kiel. At Munich a lecture on constitutional law by Professor Nawiasky, was broken up by the Nazis on instructions from Hitlerite headquarters to make it impossible for Jewish professors to continue their lectures.

Professor Newiasky’s lecture room was the scene of a veritable battle in which a number of Jewish students were badly beaten and others narrowly escaped similar treatment when the police invaded the university grounds and dispersed the Nazis. Simultaneously the Nazis disturbed the lecture of a Jewish professor at the University of Kiel.

Professor Newiasky had aroused the ire of the Nazis by stating in a lecture that the terms of the German treaties of Bucharest and Brest Litovsk were as harsh as the Versailles Treaty.

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