Jugo-slavian Sephardic Jews Unwilling to Return to Spain
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Jugo-slavian Sephardic Jews Unwilling to Return to Spain

While Sephardic Jews throughout the world are making ready to avail themselves of the opportunity of resuming Spanish citizenship in conformity with the offer of the new Spanish government, the Sephardic Jews resident in Jugo-Slavia have no such intention, according to Leo A. Amar, writing in a local paper.

Amar points out that Jugo-Slavia’s Sephardic Jews have no desire of emigrating to Spain since they are loyal citizens of Jugo-Slavia and have always been well treated here. The Sephardic Jews of Jugo-Slavia have no reason for going to Spain because no happy memories bind them to that country, Amar declares.

The Jews, as a national minority, are well treated in Jugo-Slavia, where the people, as no others in the world, follow the precept “we love every brother, no matter of what religion he may be,” Amar asserts. He adds that the Jugo-Slavia Jews have suffered no persecution here in many centuries and hence have no thought of leaving the land for whose liberation and victory they have fought and shed blood.

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