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Roumanian Jews Anxious over Growing Friendship Between Prime Minister Jorga and Cuza

Echoing the concern of the Jewish population over what appears to be a growing friendship between Premier Jorga and Professor Alexander Cuza, leader of the anti-Semitic party, the Ostjuedische Zeitung today warns the Prime Minister that his close friendship with the anti-Semitic chieftain will discredit Jorga abroad.

The anxiety voiced by the Ostjuedische Zeitung is given added weight by similar concern expressed by the Liberal general press, especially in view of Cuza’s renewing his repeated demand for the confiscation of Jewish property and the withdrawal of citizenship rights from the Jews.

The Ostjuedische Zeitung expresses particular concern over the Cuza-Jorga friendship in view of the parliamentary recess and voices fear for the effect of this friendship upon the Jorga government uncontrolled by parliament. “We fear there is more than platonic friendship between Professor Cuza and Premier Jorga,” the paper points out, asking “what will be the results of this friendship before parliament reconvenes.”

Together with Professor Cuza, Dr. Jorga established with the Alliance Anti-Semite Universelle in 1895, but today the Prime Minister, the former rector of the Bucharest University, is considered a foe of anti-Semitism. Since he became premier he has several times reiterated his opposition to Cuza, once even calling for his arrest.