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World Conference of Poale Zion Degides to Unite with Hitachduth: New Programme Adopted: Yiddish Lang

The World Conference of the Poale Zion Party, which lasted here for several days, concluded with a decision to unite with the Hitachduth, the United Socialist Zionist Party.

The merging of the Poale Zion Party with the Hitachduth took place in Palestine some time ago. The resolution which was adopted at the Conference now approves such a merging also in the lands of the Diaspora.

A programme for the Poale Zion and Hitachduth groups in the countries outside Palestine was drafted and adopted by the Conference. The programme provides that the United Party should belong to the Socialist International: that it should declare itself as part of the Zionist Organisation and should conduct a Socialist policy in every country.

A decision was adopted by the Congress to give equal rights to the Yiddish and Hebrew languages in cultural and educational work. The Yiddish language should be recognised as the language of national autonomy of the Jews in the countries of the Diaspora, the resolution says.