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Einstein Appeals to Scientists Against New War: Says War Danger is Not Over: All Men and Women Shoul

World scientists were urged to-day by Professor Einstein to refuse to co-operate in creating new terrors for warfare, with a view to maintaining world peace.

In a message to the International Conference of war-resisters, which opened here to-day, Professor Einstein appeals to every scientist in the world to stop scientific research for war purposes.

“Those who think that the danger of war is past are living in a fool’s paradise”, his message says. “We have to face to-day a militarism far more powerful and destructive than the militarism which brought the disaster of the World War.

“This is the achievement of Governments. But among the peoples of the world the idea of war resistance is spreading.

“I appeal to the intellectuals of the world, I appeal to my fellow-scientists to refuse to co-operate in research for war purposes. I appeal to all men and women to declare before the world disarmament conference meets at Geneva in February that they will refuse to give any further assistance to war or to preparation for war.

“I ask them to tell their Governments this in writing, and to register their decision by informing me that they have done so.”