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Will Hitlerists March on Berlin?: Denial to J.t.a.: Reassurance Among Jews when German Banks Reopen:

Well-informed circles declared to-day to the J.T.A. that the reports of a possible march on Berlin by the Hitlerists, which caused anxiety among the Jews in Germany, are absolutely baseless.

Reassurance also prevailed to-day among the Jews in connection with the announcement made by the Government that the banks will re-open on Monday and that measures are being taken by the Government to avoid a run on the banks. If further financial upheavel is avoided, the Wing of the Hitlerist Party which favours legal matters will most likely retain the upper hand, and the extreme plans of those Hitlerists who are for a putsch are likely to be defeated.

Fear, however, is expressed that the referendum which will be taken on August 9th. to decide whether the Prussian Parliament is to be dissolved may lead to disastrous developments and that the Hitlerists and the Communists will both vote for such a dissolution. A new general election in Prussia at this critical period would probably lead to a strengthening of the extreme parties and considerably weaken the present Coalition Government.