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Council of League of Nations to Consider Decision of Mandates Commission on Palestine in September:

The decisions of the last session of the Mandates Commission of the League of Nations, including those which deal with the Simpson Report, the Passfield White Paper and the MacDonald letter to Dr. Weizmann, will come up before the Council of the League of Nations at its session which opens on September 1st., the J.T.A. learns here to-day.

These decisions, the J.T.A. is informed, do not go into detail and take up no special attitude with regard to the problems arising out of the above documents.

A report containing among other things chapters on the activities of the League of Nations with regard to the mandated territories and the protection of national minorities in the various countries was dispatched to-day by the General Secretary of the League of Nations to all members of the League.

This report contains also a brief review on the Palestine question as considered at the session of the League of Nations Council last September, when the conclusions of the special session of the Mandates Commission in June 1930 with regard to the anti-Jewish riots in Palestine were approved.