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Soviet Government Takes a Hand in Fight Against Jewish Religion: Ministry of Education Instructs All

The Commissariat of Education of the Russian Soviet Republic considers the anti-religious campaign which is being developed against the Jewish autumnal religious festivals a most important political duty, says a circular which the Education Commissariat has issued to all educational departments in the Republic.

In view of the fact that the anti-religious campaign is developing in the midst of the autumn sowing campaign, the beginning of the new school year, and the opening of the fourth year of the Five Year plan, the circular proceeds, the Education Commissariat instructs all Education Departments to take an active part in their respective localities in the conduct of the anti-religious campaign against the Jewish festivals this year. Their participation is to take the from of rendering assistance in controlling the work of the Jewish anti-religious groups, of helping in the preparation of the plans for the campaign, and seeing that they are carried out. Antireligious talks are to be arranged in factories employing a large number of Jewish workers, and anti-religious marches are to be arranged for the children. Every factory newspaper is to devote an entire page to the campaign against the Jewish festivals. The students are to assist the factory committees in organising the anti-religious work, and in arranging excursions to the anti-religious museums.