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Palestine Government Suppresses Another Arab Paper for Alleging Jews Are Arming Against Arabs: Trans

The Arab daily “Assirat Moustakim”, which appears in Jaffa, has been suspended by the Government for alleging in its issue of last Thursday that the Jews are continuing to arm against the Arabs.

The Transjordan Government is also taking action to prevent the circulation of some of the Palestine Arab dailies in Transjordan. The Haifa Arab organ “El Carmel” was banned from Transjordan a fortnight ago, and to-day the Transjordan Government has placed a ban on “Al Hayat”, for criticising the Emir Abdullah, the Ruler of Transjordan.

The Palestine Government published an official statement on August 5th., in the course of which it said that the agitation conducted against the policy of providing sealed armouries in the isolated Jewish colonies must cease, and that “after the publication of this statement any newspaper which publishes and any public speaker who utters statements which are calculated to foster the belief that the existence of these armouries is a menace to the law-abiding population of Palestine, will be regarded by the Government as deliberately and wantonly endangering the public safety, and will be dealt with accordingly”.