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Arab-Jewish Understanding in Palestine on Parity Basis: Policy of Jewish Agency Outlined by Dr. Arl

I shall conduct not a party, but a national policy, Dr. Ch. Arlosoroff, one of the leaders of the Zionist Labour Party, who is the new head of the Palestine Zionist Executive, in succession to Colonel Kisch, declared in outlining his policy in the course of a reception given to press representatives here to-day.

I shall look after the interests of all classes, Sephardic and Ashkenazic alike, he said, and I shall assist middle-class colonisation.

The main political line will be co-operation with Great Britain, Dr. Arlosoff went on, while continuing the struggle for our rights uncompromisingly. Perhaps, he added, the Development Scheme will shortly compel us to resume our defensive struggle. Incidentally, Dr. Arlosoroff stated that the Jewish adviser to the Director of Development in Palestine has not yet been appointed.

Dr. Arlosoroff further announced that he will strive to bring about an Arab-Jewish understanding in Palestine on the basis of parity as laid down in the coalition programme of the Executive elected at the last Congress, and I am sure, he said, that the Arab will accept this in course of time.