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Big Pan-moslem Campaign to Be Headed by Indian Moslem Leader Shaukat Ali: As Soon As I Am Free from

Shaukat Ali, the Indian Moslem leader, is going to visit Palestine again shortly, in the interests of the Pan-Moslem movement, and after he has freed himself from Indian affairs, in about six months time, he will go on a tour of all the Moslem countries for the purpose of raising funds for the projected Moslem University in Jerusalem, he has told a representative of the Cairo Arab paper “El Mokattam”.

When he arrives in England for the India Round Table Conference, Shaukat Ali added, he will see Sir John Chancellor, the retiring High Commissioner for Palestine, who will then be in England on the expiration of his term of office, and will talk over with him the situation in Palestine.

Shaukat Ali is announced as one of the principal speakers at the “Anglo-Moslem demonstration”, which is being arranged at the Albert Hall for November 2nd., the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, with Lord Brentford, the ex-Home Secretary, in the chair. A message is to be read to the meeting, it is stated, from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

Nablus is also to be the scene on September 20th. of a big Pan-Arab and anti-Zionist demonstration, to which delegations are being invited from the adjoining Arab countries.