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Gandhi Takes a Hand in Palestine: Sends Message Appealing to Three Faiths to Maintain Its Sanctity a

Gandhi has sent a message to Palestine from the “Rajputana”, on which he is travelling to England to attend the Indian Round Table Conference in London, says a report appearing to-day in the London “Jewish Times”, in which he says: Palestine is sacred to Jews, Christians and Moslems from of old, and I therefore appeal to all Palestinians to maintain the sanctity of their land, and its liberty, which is based on the unity of all races, and to maintain also their religious spirit, and equality and justice for all the inhabitants of the country.

The message is significant in view of the fact that Shaukat Ali, the chief Moslem delegate to the Indian Round Table Conference, and the head of the Indian Caliphate movement, is also travelling on board the “Rajputana”, and that it has been reported (in the J.T.A. Bulletin of the 4th. inst.) that Shaukat Ali was intending to utilise the opportunity afforded him by travelling with Gandhi on the same boat, to try to enlist his interest in the cause of the Palestine Arabs, and to secure his support, in return for certain concessions by the Indian Moslems to the Hindus, for his scheme for the restoration of the Caliphate, with its seat in Jerusalem. The London press has remarked in this connection on the fact that when Shaukat Ali, coming from Jerusalem, boarded the “Rajputana” at Port Said, he and Gandhi embraced affectionately and kissed.