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Deputy Goebbels Was in Command: Campaign Plan Was Drawn Up at Hitlerist Headquarters Office

Deputy Goebbels (the Hitlerist Leader in Berlin) was in command of the pogrom, the “Welt am Montag” declares, claiming that it has this information from a reliable source.

The campaign plan, it says, was drawn up in full detail at a meeting of the Hitlerist Party Council held in the Hitlerist headquarters in Berlin, with Deputy Goebbels in the chair, and the picked men of the Hitlerist Storm Troops were selected to carry out the pogrom.

The paper deplores the slackness of the police intelligence service in failing to see the active preparations which were being made in the Hitlerist barracks. The result was, it says, that before the police could come up the Hitlerists had already done their work. For five hours the armed Hitlerist mob held the city in their hands, setting all the authority of the State at defiance. The Hitlerists are fired by their success, it declares, and their next move will be not against the Jews, but against the State itself. The next outbreak, it says, is being prepared for the forthcoming visit to Berlin of the French Minister of Finance, M. Laval, and this time, if the Government does not suppress them first the hot-headed Hitlerists will succeed in creating serious international complications for Germany.