If Government Doesn’t Stop Hitlerist Cry of “perish Judea” Something else Will Perish in Germany Bes

Unless the Government takes drastic action against the Hitlerists and all decent-minded Germans drop their attitude of passiveness and start a determined warfare against the Hitlerist cry of “Perish Judea”, something else will perish in Germany besides Judea, Dr. Theodor Wolff, the editor-in-chief of the “Berliner Tageblatt” writes in an editorial in his paper to-day.

The anti-Jewish outbreak in the Kurfuerstendamm district on Rosh Hashanah, he says, is only a foretaste of what may happen when M. Laval, the French Premier, comes to Berlin with M. Briand to discuss the Franco-German situation, if the Hitlerists are allowed to carry on their agitation.