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Financial Difficulties of Polish O.r.t. Endangering Health of Its Head Dr. Silberfarb Former Jewish

The critical condition of the Polish O.R.T., which works for the productivisation of the Jewish population by enabling them to engage in industry, artisanship or agriculture, has caused the serious illness of its head, Dr. Moses Silberfarb, who was the first Minister for Jewish Affairs in the Ukraine before the country came under the Soviet regime.

Dr. Silberfarb, who is the Chairman of the Polish central Committee of the O.R.T. and one of the leaders of the O.R.T. World Federation, has had a weak heart for a long time, and his anxiety on account of the future of the O.R.T. work in Poland brought on two serious heart attacks within the last few days. His doctors have ordered him to keep to his bed for a few weeks and then to take a long rest in a sanatorium. Dr. Silberfarb has therefore been compelled to stop all public work for several months.