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Hungarian Government Will Suppress Any Attempts a Antisemitic Violence Says Prime Minister: Declarat

I shall never make any distinctions between citizens on grounds of religion, the Premier, Count Julius Karolyi, declared to Deputy Geza Desi, a Jewish Deputy of the Government Party and a member of the last Bethlen Ministry, who made representations to him to-day, conveying to him the anxiety among the Jews of Hungary over the renewed violent anti-Jewish agitation in the country and threats of acts of antisemitic violence. The Government, the Premier said, has a high sense of the value of the patriotic Hungarian Jews, and in any case, he said, the Government will, with all the means at its disposal, suppress any attempts at antisemitic acts of an extremist nature.

The rumours of anti-Jewish outbreaks have been so insistent that there was a panic among the Jews of Budapest on Yom Kippur. It was said that the antisemitic organisation, the Awakening Magyars, was plotting a bomb attack on the new Jewish Temple in the Tabakgasse, “in revenge” for the alleged wrecking of the Budapest express by “Jewish Communists” on Rosh Hashanah.

All the Budapest Synagogues were strongly guarded by police and military patrols on Yom Kippur and also during the first days of Tabernacles. The fashionable Jewish quarter in the Josephstadt, was full of police and military. Probably overawed by the show of force, the antisemites were quiet and no incidents have occurred.