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Jewry Dying Without a Moan Says Bialik: Sees Assimilation Throughout Diaspoka Without Even Ideologic

Jewry is dying without a moan, the famous Hebrew poet, Mr. Ch. N. Bialik, who arrived here on Friday to head the campaign of the Tarbuth Hebrew cultural school organisation, said in addressing a gathering of press representatives here this evening.

The process of assimilation which is going on now all over the Diaspora is doubly painful, he said, because it is not even based on any ideology. The old centres of Jewish learning in France, England, Italy, Bohemia, and even in Germany have lost the Jewish creative spirit. Russian Jewry has been completely cut off from the rest of the Jewish world, so that only Polish Jewry and the young Jewish settlement in America are left. He called for the formation of a rescue legion to save what has remained of Jewish life and thought, and he warned the Jews of Poland and of America not to go the same road as the Jews of Western Europe, who, He said, have given up their Jewish creative spirit as the price of their liberty.

Yesterday, on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, Bialik attended the service at the Great Synagogue in the Tlomacki Street, where he was given an enthusiastic reception by the congregation. He was welcomed by the members of the Committee of the Synagogue and during the Reading of the Law he was given Maftir. The Chief Rabbi, Professor Schorr, devoted his sermon to Bialik’s presence among them, and the significance of his work and his present mission.