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Zionist Revisionist World Movement Reaches Agreement: Remains Homogeneous Organisation: Question of

Complete unanimity has been reached on all outstanding questions at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists, held this week at Calais, under the chairmanship of the President, Mr. Vladimir Jabotinsky.

The subject under discussion was primarily the differences that had arisen within the Union, following the 1931 Congress at Basle, on the relationship of the Union with the Zionist Organisation, an official communique issued here states.

The terms of the agreement reached at the meeting provide that the Union of Zionist Revisionists remains a homogeneous organisation. The circumstance that a section of the members of the Union have no desire to retain further their membership of the Zionist Organisation, was taken into account, and it has been arranged that in future a section of the members will be non-Shekel payers. In consequence, paragraph 8 of the basic principles of Revisionism, which defines the Union as a whole as an integral part of the Zionist World Organisation will be expunged from the new formulation of the basic principles, and replaced by the following formula:

The Union of Zionist Revisionists recruits its members in all Jewish and Zionist quarters, subject to the condition that all these members accept the programme of the Union, carry out the duties arising therefrom, and subject themselves to the discipline of the Union. The membership of the Union of Zionist Revisionists will in future not be restricted to Shekel payers.

(2) Revisionists who acquire the Shekel exercise the functions arising out of their membership of the Zionist Organisation under the direction of the Shekel-paying members of the Executive Committee of the Union. Communication with the organs of the Zionist Organisation will be carried on in the name of the Revisionist fraction of the Actions Committee. The expenditure arising out of the exercise of the functions mentioned in these paragraphs will be covered out of the general budget of the Union of Zionist Revisionists.

The regulation of the relation of the Revisionist groups to the Zionist National Federations, including joint working committees, will be decided at the next Conference of the Union. Meanwhile, the decision of the Basle Conference of 1931, as published in the Circular of the Executive Committee (15/2) will apply, and in accordance with this the Revisionist National Federations will have a free hand in this matter until the Conference.

On the other side, it was agreed that the question of establishing an “independent Zionist Organisation” should not be raised.

The representatives of the Executive Committee will support the proposals adopted at the forthcoming Revisionist National Conferences.

An extraordinary session of the Party Council will be held in December 1931, to which the proposals adopted at Calais will be submitted for ratification.

The Fifth Ordinary Revisionist World Conference will be held in the course of the summer of 1932.