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Australian Courts Hold Man Claiming to Be Member of Mond Family for Defrauding Shareholders in 100 M

Amazing evidence is being tendered in police court proceedings being conducted here against a man claiming to be named Philip Mond, and others who are charged with having conspired with him to cheat and defraud perspective shareholders and depositors in the Britannia Bank, Ltd., and other companies registered by him.

Hepresenting himself as a nephew of the late Lord Melchett, and of his brother Dr. Robert Mond, he produced an alleged power of attorney purporting to be signed by Lord Melchett and Dr. Robert Mond, as well as by “Sir Nathaniel Rothschild”, and he actually obtained Government registration for the Britannia Bank, Ltd., with a nominal capital of 100 million sterling.

His scheme was to purchase companies and banks in liquidation, and the evidence submitted against him reveals some extraordinary financial dealings. The hearing has been adjourned.

The J.T.A. is authorised by Dr. Robert Mond and the Melchett family to state that they know nothing of the man, that no member of the Mond family is in Australia, and that he has no right to the name of Mond, and is a manifest impostor.