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Professor Friedlander’s Son Acquitted by Palestine Court of Charge of Communism: Had Been in Danger

Mr. Friedlander, son of the late Professor Friedlander, the famous, American Jewish scholar, who was murdered in the Ukraine while on a relief expedition to the Jewish population there at the time of the civil war, was acquitted today by the District Court of Jaffa of the charge of Communism, for which he was arrested on “Communist Day” last August. He had been charged with unfurling a red flag, but he contended that the policeman had seized on him by mistake, because he happened to have been standing near by, looking on. It was feared at one time that he would be deported to America.

Dr. J. L. Magnes, the Chancellor of the Hebrew University, who is his guardian, was not in Palestine at the time of his arrest, but immediately he returned he took up the matter and was able to establish that there had been a misunderstanding and that Friedlander had been arrested by mistake.