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Yiddishist Schools in Warsaw Receiving Subsidy from Jewish Community to Save Them from Eviction.

M. Mazur, the President of the Warsaw Jewish Community Executive, received to-day a delegation of the Yiddishist School Organisation, Zisho, who drew his attention to the critical state of the Yiddishist schools, owing to the lack of funds, pointing out that many of the schools are in actual danger of eviction from the school buildings for arrears of rent. M. Mazur promised the delegation that the Community will give the Zisho a subsidy of 3,500 zlotys, as in 1927.

While the previous Executive of the Warsaw Jewish Community was in office under the presidency of the Zionist ex-Deputy Farbstein, the Agudist representatives voted against subsidising the Zisho schools, on the ground that they do not give Bible instruction. At the last communal elections, however, the Folkist Party gave the Agudists their support, enabling them to obtain a majority on the Community and to have an Agudist President, one of the conditions being that the Zisho schools would be given their subsidy.