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Mr. Sokolov and Dr. Brodetsky Have Handled Well Political Problems Arising Since Congress Says Mr. E

High praise was bestowed to-day on Mr. Nahum Sokolov, the President of the Jewish Agency, and Dr. Selig Brodetsky, member of the Jewish Agency Executive, for their handling of the political problems which have arisen since the Zionist Congress, especially those arising out of the Palestine Development Scheme, and the proposed legislation in connection with it, in a speech delivered by Mr. Emanuel Neumann, the American member of the Jewish Agency Executive, at Philadelphia, to a banquet arranged by the Jewish National Fund.

The Zionist leadership will continue its vigilance over the Jewish rights in Palestine, Mr. Neumann declared, but Jewry must rally to its side with the necessary financial support in order to enable it to tide over the present emergency.

Mr. Heumann expressed his repressed his regret at the circumstances which had delayed his departure from America for London. The J.T.A. understands that this is due largely to Mr. Neumann’s desire to bring about a settlement, before he leaves, of the present internal problems in American Zionism, arising out of the differences between the present administration and the opposition.

Mr. Louis Lipsky, former President of the American Zionist Organisation, speaking at the same banquet, praised Mr. Ussischkin, the head of the Jewish National Fund, for placing the Jewish National Fund into the centre of Jewish attention.