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A Problem of Burial Jewish Parents and Child Dead After Suicide Compact to Be Buried in Church: Diff

A problem has arisen in connection with the burial of Thomas Isaac Levin, a bookmaker, his wife and their 8 year old daughter June, who were found dead in a room full of gas, near East Grinstead this week, the “Daily Mail” states to-day, the parents having committed suicide, and a verdict of murder being returned against them in respect of the child.

It had been decided that the three should be buried in one grave, to save expense and inconvenience to the parish, and preliminary arrangements were made for a papers funeral at the little Saxon church of Worth, near here, to be carried out on Wednesday by the Rev. H. F. Waller-Bridge, the Rector.

Because the parents died by their own hands, and on account of the fact that the man was of the Jewish faith, I was placed in a very difficult position, Mr. Waller-Bridge said. According to the law I believe that a felo de se must be buried at midnight at the cross-roads. But of course that is never done. The man, being a Jew, would not have a Christian burial in any case. To bury anyone who dies by his or her own hand in the same grave as one who is entitled to the full rites is difficult. The problem became acute because the child is a Jewess. Tonight I have consulted the Bishop of Chichester, in whose diocese this parish lies, and he has authorised me to use a special service. In addition a special prayer will be said for the child.