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Registration Under Amnesty to Illegal Entrants to Palestine Proceeding Satisfactorily Dr. Arlossorof

Registration under the Government amnesty which legalises the stay of immigrants who entered Palestine illegally, is proceeding satisfactorily, thanks to the Central Government clearing away many of the obstacles raised by the Immigration Department, Dr. Ch. Arlossoroff, the head of the Palestine Jewish Agency Executive, declared at a press conference held here this afternoon.

Dr. Arlossoroff deplored the opposition of the Revisionists to the census, and contended that the census is not connected with the question of a Palestine Legislature. We have nothing to conceal, he said.

The Palestine Development Scheme is likely to be postponed on account of the British financial position, Dr. Arlossoroff said further, insisting that the Jewish Agency is entitled to examine the claims made on behalf of the dispossessed Arabs, whether or not the Jewish Agency appoint a Jewish Adviser to the Director of Development, because the Jews alone possess the facts.