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The Fighting in the Warsaw Jewish Community: We Gave Zionists Most Far-reaching Concessions Majority

The majority bloc in the Warsaw Jewish Community, consisting of the Agudists, Folkists, and the representatives of several smaller groups, claims in a statement given to the J.T.A. here to-day with regard to the disturbances which took place at yesterday’s meeting of the Community Executive, in which the President, Mr. Mazur, was injured, that the majority bloc had given the Zionist minority the most far-reaching concessions, but they could not possibly agree to the demand which the Zionists put at the meeting in the form of an ultimatum, that they must be given the control of the Department of Social Welfare, which is the main artery of the work of the Jewish Community. The majority made it clear that the demand could not be considered, the statement says, whereupon the Zionists deliberately started the attack, which, it is alleged, had been carefully organised.

A message of sympathy has been conveyed by the Government to Mr. Mazur, the President of the Community Executive. Dr. Feldstein, it now appears, was not injured in the disturbance, as was at first reported. It is stated that the aggressors will be prosecuted.