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Prohibition of Iron Guard Conference Angers Transylvnian Paper: Complains Zionists Who Are Not Rouma

The “Gazeta de West”, which appears in Oradeo Mare, in the province of Transylvania, has published an angry protest against the action of the Jewish population of the town, who, by making representations to the authorities succeeded in securing the prohibition of a Conference of the antisemitic Iron Guard Organisation, which was to have been held in the town.

A Zionist Conference which had been arranged for about the same time in the same town was permitted by the authorities, the paper says. It is intolerable, it declares, that citizens who are not of Roumanian nationality should be allowed to hold Conferences here, while our own Roumanian people are denied this right.

The “Curierul Israelit”, the official organ of the Union of Roumanian Jews, replying to the “Gazeta de West” points out that there is a great deal of difference between the Iron Guard and the Zionist Organisation. It has never yet occurred, it writes, that Zionist meetings, held in Oradeo Mare or in any other town in the country, should have ended in excesses. Has the population ever been incited at a Zionist meeting, it asks, to enmity against another section of the population, and the mob roused to acts of vandalism? Citizen liberties, it says, must not be confused with anarchy or with the illegal acts which follow on the activity of the Iron Guard.