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Bundist Spirit Which Was Jewish Defence in Time of Pogroms Has Revived Says Bundist Proclamation Pra

The way in which the Jewish pack carriers came up and drove out the antisemitic students who invaded the Jewish quarter in the neighbourhood of the Eisentorplatz, is praised in a manifesto issued by the Jewish Socialist Party Bund, and published in its organ, the “Folkscajtung”.

The heroism of the old Bundist Self-Defence, which was the most effective defence of the Jews in the time of the pogroms, has revived, the manifesto says, and the hooligans of to-day will also find their fists break in impotence against the iron wall of the Jewish workers’ defence.

The police have to-day confiscated antisemitic proclamations which were being circulated here, as well as a proclamation issued by the Left Poale Zion, calling for the creation of a Self-Defence Force of all Socialist student groups.

The City Governor, M. Jaroszewicz, and the Police Commandant of Warsaw, are going through the city, issuing orders to the police not to allow any antisemitic disturbances on any account.

The Vice-President of the Warsaw City Council, M. Maurycy Meisel, who is himself a Jew, had a conference to-day with the City President, M. Slominski, to draw up measures for preventing the disturbances spreading in the streets.

M. Alter, one of the Bundist members of the Board of Aldermen, has presented a written interpellation to the City President, demanding that he should post a proclamation on the street walls against antisemtic street hooliganism.