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Jews Attacked Priest and Spat on Him Antisemitic Paper Alleges Trying to Work Up New Trouble

The “Gazeta Warszawska”, the chief organ of the National Democratic Party, publishes a report to-day, apparently in order to provoke new disturbances, alleging that during the fighting in the Jewish quarter when the Jewish pack carriers beat the antisemitic students, a Jewish mob attacked a Catholic priest in the streets, abusing him and spitting at him.

The National Democratic evening press claims that the National Democratic students did not give the Rector their word of honour not to beat the Jews, but promised that they would not beat the Jews if he would declare officially that the Jewish students were responsible for the disturbances. This the Rector refused to so, so that their promise was never obtained.

The entire Polish press, with the exception of the National Democratic papers, headed by the “Gazeta Warszawska”, condemns the disturbances.