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Chief Rabbi Jacob Meir of Palestine Appeals to Jews to Help Reclaim Palestine Land to Return It to J

During this year, the Jewish people will celebrate a double anniversary – the completion of 50 years since the day when the first builders first trod on our Holy Land to reclaim it from the wastes, and 30 years since the foundation of the Jewish National Fund, which took upon itself the great and sacred task of redeeming the land of Eretz Israel, returning it to Jewish hands, Chief Rabbi Jacob Meir, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Palestine, says in a manifesto which he has issued here to Jews all over the world.

We should thank Providence, the Chief Rabbi continues, for the graciousness bestowed upon us in the past, which has enabled that Fund to reclaim wide stretches of land, to fructify them and to bring back their ancient glory. But at the same time our hearts are pained as we observe the large and extensive tracts still awaiting redemption by our children-builders.

We therefore turn to you, he concludes, with a warm appeal to work together in aid of the Jewish National Fund, whose means are all devoted to the redemption of our Holy Land. Increase your contributions for Geulath Haaretz, in accordance with the great need of this great hour, and in the merit of your act may we all merit the help of the Rock of Israel for the full redemption speedily in our own land.