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Polish Government Not Sincere in Efforts to Put Down Disturbances is View Expressed by Rabbi Dr. Ste

Distrust in the Polish Government and belief that it is not sincere in its efforts to suppress the anti-Jewish student riots were expressed to-day at the big mass meeting held here in the Pennsylvania Hotel (briefly reported in yesterday’s J.T.A. Bulletin), convoked by the Federation of Polish Jews in America for the purpose of protesting against the anti-Jewish outbreaks in Poland.

The speakers, especially Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise, contended that if the Polish Government really wanted to end the anti-Jewish outbreaks, it could do so by acting as firmly as it did at the time when it suppressed its political opposition, by wholesale arrests of the leaders.

The Government’s assurance that it does not want pogroms is not enough, they argued. We want action. Poland to-day has a large army and well organised police forces, they said, which if used properly could have stopped the disturbances at the very beginning, instead of allowing them to spread until they assumed their present mass character.

A resolution was adopted at the meeting protesting against the horrors and atrocities in Poland, which will be communicated to the Polish Ambassador in Washington.