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Czecho-slovakian Numerus Clausus Agitation Goes On: Foreign Students Accused in Parliament of Being

The Numerus Clausus agitation at Bratislava University is being continued vigorously by the Nationalist students. He disturbances have taken place to-day, but several agitation meetings have been held. Surprise is expressed in this connection that the Young Men’s Christian Association in Bratislava lent its premises to-day to the antisemitic students for the purpose of holding a numerus clausus meeting there, after the Rectorate had refused to allow them to hold the meeting in the University rooms.

Yesterday Deputy Vicanek, of the Czech Clerical Party, spoke in Parliament, demanding the enforcement of a numerus clausus against aliens, especially Jews. Czecho-Slovakia is spending large sums of money, he said, in providing Universities for alien students, who afterwards settle in the country practising as doctors or lawyers, and taking the bread out of the mouths of u own people. Besides, he alleged, the foreign students are in most cases political undesirables, and many of them are Communists.

Deputy Hain, of the National Democratic Party, also spoke against aliens being allowed to study at Czecho-Slovakian Universities, and he, too, alleged that many of the foreign students are conducting Communist propaganda.