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All Immigration to Cuba May Be Stopped: Drop from 13,000 Monthly to 13: Antisemitism Blamed in Part

The possibility of stopping all immigration to Cuba is reported here to-day. Although no legal restrictions exist at present and visas are not required for admission to Cuba, difficulties are imposed as a result of which there has been an immense drop in the number of immigrants and in the last month only 13 immigrants entered Cuba, six of them children under age, and four men and three women, where previously the normal monthly influx of immigrants averaged some 13,000.

The economic depression is accountable in part for the decrease in immigration. There are also the difficulties imposed by the authorities in the granting of permits to residents to bring over their relatives and friends. Every immigrant is now required to have 200 dollars in his possession on landing, as well as a guarantee signed by his relatives that he will not be allowed to become a public charge. Antisemitism is beginning to play an important part in Cuba, and in many cases antisemitic motives are at play in placing such difficulties in the way of intending immigrants, refusing to recognise guarantees and in other ways.