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Citizenship Facilities in Czecho-Slovakia: Bill for Ending Staatenlose Problem Introduced by Jewish

Deputies Dr. Angelo Goldstein and Dr. Julius Reisz, members of the Club of Jewish Deputies, and the Social Democratic Deputies Marcowicz, Winter and Chobot, have introduced a bill in Parliament for amending the present citizenship law in a way which will enable the Staatenlose to acquire citizenship.

All people who have been living uninterruptedly in Czecho-Slovakia for the past five years and who conform in all other respects with the requirements of the law, will be eligible for citizenship under the new draft law. If the application is not dealt with within a period of six months, the Bill provides, the application will be considered to have been granted.

This last clause is held to be of special importance as tending to remove one of the principal grievances of applicants for citizenship, that their cases are dragged by the administrative authorities for years.