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175,006 Jews in Palestine: Official Census Figures: 759,952 Moslems 90,607 Christians and 9,589 Othe

The following provisional Palestine census totals are officially announced to-day.

759,952 Moslem, 175,006 Jews, 90,607 Christians and 9,589 others, making a total population of 1,035,154.

The “others” include about 8,000 Druzes, the J.T.A. understands, and about a thousand people who declared themselves “Agnostics”, among them being about 600 Jewish agnostics.

The total figure of 1,035,154 was announced on November 19th., immediately after the census had been held, showing an increase of about 35 per cent. in the population of the country, over the number yielded in the 1922 census. The 1922 total was 757,182. A number of Jews, obedient to the Revisionist call to take no part in the census, locked themselves in their houses for the night, refusing to open to the enumerators, so that actually the number of Jews in Palestine is even larger than is indicated by the present figures. The number of such census resisters is not known. In Tel Aviv some enumerators had their books taken from then and census resisters organised an impromptu demonstration of some hundred young people, which was dispersed.

The number of Jews in Palestine at the time of the 1922 census was 83,794, the increase in nine years, therefore, being over 91,000. The Moslem population has increased from 590,890 in 1922, by 169,062, and the Christian population from 73,024 by 27,583. The number of Druzes in 1922 was 7,028.