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Moslem Tartars Now in Poland Appeal to Moslem Conference Against Soviet Persecution of Islam Which C

A group of Moslem Tartars who are now living in Poland, having left their homes in the Urals because of the persecution of religion by the Soviet authorities there, have sent a cable message to the Moslem Conference in Jerusalem, appealing to it to protect members of the Moslem faith in the Soviet Union from the persecution to which they are subjected by the Communists.

The number of Mohammedans in Poland, according to the official “polish Randbook”, is about 6,000. They inhabit mainly the districts of Vilna, Novogrodek and Bialystock, and some are also found in the districts of Warsaw, Wolhynia and Polysia.

According to the Soviet Union Year Book, there are more Tartars than Jews in the Soviet Union, the Jewish population being 1.7 per cent., and the Tartar proportion 1.9 per cent. No indication of religions is given, but according to pre-Revolution figures, there were 13,907,000 Mohammedans in the Russian Empire, as compared with 5,215,800 Jews.