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Catholic Objection to Race-classification of Jewish Students in Austria Withdrawn: Bill Coming Up in

Cardinal Piffl, the Primate of Austria, has with drawn his objection to the application of the principle of race-citizenship in granting student rights at the Universities, which was based on the ground that the Catholic Church could not agree to baptised Jews being classed as Jews, and the Government has now decided to introduce the student right bill in Parliament on Monday.

The Organisation of Zionist Graduates, representing all sections of Zionist opinion, has submitted to the Government a resolution accepting the principle of a Jewish student nationality enjoying equal rights with the German nationality, but repudiating the Hitlerist conception of citizenship based on Germanic race, aiming to exclude Jews from citizenship rights.

The Union of Austrian Jews, on the other hand, supported by the general Democratic press, is continuing its campaign vigorously against the principle of a separate Jewish nationality, and is endeavouring by all means possible to bring about the defeat of the Government bill.