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Forces of Stability in Germany Rally to Government: Social Democratic Party Decides to Support Bruen

The forces of stability in Germany are again rallying to the support of the Government in order to save the country from the menace of Hitlerism, as they did in October, immediately after the big victories secured by the Hitlerists in the elections to the Reichstag. The Social Democratic Party, still the largest Party in the Reichstag, has again decided to-day that notwithstanding its differences with the Government on various questions, particularly the wage reductions enforced in the last emergency decrees, it will support the Bruening Government, because otherwise there may be serious complications which would upset German stability.

In October the support of the Social Democratic Party gave the Bruening Government a majority in the Reichstag, whose composition is practically unchanged, of 325 votes against 237 and of 322 against 236, defeating the attack launched on it by the Hitlerists and Communists.

The Social-Democratic ex-Premier, Herr Hermann Mueller, opened the debate on Dr. Bruening’s declaration of policy by ridiculing the Hitlerist resolutions introduced into the Reichstag for the confiscation of the property of East European Jews living in Germany and other expropriatory measures.