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Grand Mufti Remains in Control of Moslem World Conference: Shaukat Ali’s Efforts to Get Palestine Op

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, it seems, has succeeded in his endeavours to perpetuate himself as the head of the Pan-Islamic Congress movement. A resolution which was finally adopted to-day declares that the future Congresses will be composed of the present participants and such additional members as the Executive which it elects will invite. The resolution was carried against the opposition of Shaukat Ali, who tried in vain to secure the admission of the Mufti’s opponents among the Palestine Moslems.

Although it had been expected to conclude at the end of last week, the work of the Congress is still being continued. After a discussion this morning on future constitutional questions, the delegates proceeded to Jaffa to lunch with a member of the Dajani family, who is an adherent of the Grand Mufti’s Party.

Among various gifts for the projected Moslem Conference in Jerusalem which have been announced is one of £100 from an Arab bank, the largest single gift, and a sum of £50 from a Jaffa Moslem, for which the members suggested that his name should be inscribed on the portals of the University.