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1â½ Years for Young Vilna Jew Accused of Attacking Soldier and Christian Woman on Day of Anti-jewish

Vilna Jewry is indignant over a sentence of eighteen months’ imprisonment passed to-day on Israel Dworkin, a 17 year old Jewish tailor, who was accused of having attacked and beaten a soldier and a Christian woman on the day of the anti-Jewish excesses which occurred in Vilna on November 10th. Several witnesses appeared in court, who said that they had seen Dworkin commit the assault. The victims were not produced, however, and the witnesses said that they did not know who they were.

Advocate Czernochov, who defended Dworkin, spoke for several hours, painting a picture of the conditions which existed in Vilna on the day of the anti-Jewish outbreak, and argued that it was impossible that Dworkin should, under the circumstances, have been able to commit the offences with which he was charged.

The trial took place also to-day of a Jewish student named Tisenhaus, who was acquitted, however, on a charge of smashing windows in a Christian shop on the day of the excesses.