No Openings for Emigrants in France: Warning Issued by Hicem
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No Openings for Emigrants in France: Warning Issued by Hicem

In spite of repeated warnings, it still happens frequently that emigrants from Central and Eastern Europe come to France with visas which are valid for only a short period, says a statement issued here by the Hias (Ica-Emigdirekt-Hicem) headquarters, on information from the Central Committee in Paris for Assisting Jewish Emigrants.

Under the existing conditions in the country, the statement says, these emigrants are absolutely unable to obtain permits to remain in France, and it is even more difficult for them to find employment there. The result is that these emigrants spend several weeks making aimless efforts to settle in the country and are then compelled to go back to their native countries, and under the present conditions of crisis they are even unable to obtain from the various charity organisations any assistance to cover the cost of their repatriation.

The management of the Hicem, the statement concludes, earnestly advises therefore all organisations concerned to dissuade all intending emigrants from coming to France now, even if they are in possession of temporary visas.

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