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Because They Were Jews Says Ex-senator Carp: Could Have Been Arrested and Tried for Attempting to Cr

Ex-Senator Horia Carp, one of the leaders of the Union of Roumanian Jews, has an editorial in the “Curierul Israelit”, the organ of the Union, on the Soroca shooting affair, in which he says:

In this way six young Jewish lives have been lost. They were not even prisoners, as was the case in that terrible affair in Czecho-Slovakia. They were only people who were looking for work. They could have been detained and arrested and brought up for trial to answer for their fault in attempting to cross the frontier, but instead of that they were sadistically shot down – because they were Jews. And no one is allowed to protest against it. We must not protest because we are Jews. No corporal of a frontier guard would commit so terrible a deed against people of another nationality, but we are Jews, and against us there is a campaign of hatred and of calumny. Openly in the sittings of Parliament, the Cuzists are permitted to insult and threaten us. The murderer of Falik becomes a national hero. At student congresses there is open preaching of hatred against us Jews, and those whose duty it should be to take steps to put a stop to this propaganda think only of their petty political interests, and show excessive tolerance in regard to this most important matter of putting down an agitation which is harmful to the well-being and to the peace of the whole country.