Increasing Hitlerist Activity in Holland
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Increasing Hitlerist Activity in Holland

The Dutch Hitlerists who recently organised a branch of the Hitlerist movement in Holland, are displaying a great deal of activity and the antisemitic movement in the country appears to be on the increase. A Roman Catholic Democratic member of Parliament, Dr. Moeller, has joined the National Socialist Party. A number of branches of the Party have been established in the southern provinces of Holland.

This week a German Hitlerist member of Parliament, Deputy Dr. Hans Nieland, delivered a Lecture at The Hague on the Hitlerist programme, and the fight against the Jews. A great deal of comment has been aroused by the fact that the German Ambassador in Holland was present at the lecture.

The organisers of the lecture encountered a great deal of difficulty in finding a hall in which the lecture could be delivered, because most of the owners of halls at The Hague refused to rent them for a Hitlerist meeting. The Dutch Nazis are circulating pamphlets in which they point to this as another example of the influence of Dutch Jews on public opinion in the country so that it is even impossible to obtain a hall in which to expose their pernicious influence.

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