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Heavy Snowfall in Jerusalem: First Since 1927: Heavy Rain Ends Drought Period: Aeroplanes Feared Los

Snow fell heavily to-day in Jerusalem, the first snowfall since 1927, whon the unaccustomed weight brought about the collapse of a number of roofs in the city which had not been constructed to bear such a weight, The snow is lying two inches thick on the houses and in the streets.

The snowfall was accompanied by a severe blizzard, and followed a heavy rain which has made up in the last 48 hours for the whole of Jerusalem’s shortage of water, which had been giving serious concern, and had already led the authorities to post an official notice that no water would be available for certain services after March. 1st. The danger of a drought is now averted.

Snow is falling heavily also in other parts of Palestine, and it is reported that three Royal Air Force aeroplanes were caught in a snowstorm in the Syrian Desert and are missing Great anxiety is felt at the Royal Air Force head quarters in Jerusalem.