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Hitlerists Trounced in Reichstag by General Groener for Abuse of Hindenburg: These Goebbels Lads Who

The Hitlerists were given a trouncing in the Reichstag to-day by General Groener, the Minister of Defence and the Interior, when he rose to deliver a sharp rebuke to Deputy Goebbels for his abuse of President Hindenburg yesterday, because he is being supported by Jews in his presidential campaign.

These Goebbels lads who know of the Great War only by hearsay, the General said acidly, dare to get up here and class Field-Marshal von Hindenburg, the supreme soldier of the War, with deserters.

General Groener dealt in the course of his speech with the objections raised in democratic quarters to his recent action in removing the ban that had existed against members of the Nazi Party being enrolled in the Reichswehr. The first condition, he explained, before any Nazi is allowed to enter the Reichewehr, is that he must break off all association with the Nazi Party.

The Hitlerist Deputies tried to shout down General Groener, keeping up a cry of “Jew traitors” , “Jew profiteers”, until the President of the Reichstag, Herr Loebe, had to suspend the sitting for a time. Several Hitlerist Deputies were named, and excluded from the remainder of to-day’s sitting.