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Palestine Affected by New British Tariff Law: All Goods Coming from Palestine Will Be Liable to 10 P

The import duties which become operative as from to-morrow under the Import Duties Act, will also affect Palestine, and any goods coming from Palestine as from tomorrow will be liable to the same 10 per cent. general tariff imposed on all foreign goods, the J.T.A. is officially informed to-day.

In accordance, however, with the powers conferred on the Government under the Import Duties Act which has been passed by both Houses of Parliament and is expected to receive the royal assent to-night, the Government may, by Order-in-Council, declare that exemption from import duties shall also apply to any territory in respect of which a Mandate of the League of Nations is being exercised by the Government of the United Kingdom, as if that territory were a territory under His Majesty’s protection. The possibility is therefore not ruled out that Palestine may at same later date come in under the Imperial Preference Scheme and have the benefit of exemption from the Import Duties.