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Army Personnel in Palestine Not a Permanent Garrison: at Present in Palestine Only on Temporary Basi

Brigadier General Spears asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air in the House of Commons to-day if he would state what were the total numbers of the forces in Palestine and Trans jordania, how many of these were lent by the War Office, how many were included in the Trans jordania Frontier-Force, how many in the Royal Air Force recognised unit, and how many in the air squadrons.

Sir Philip Sassoon said in his reply that the total current strength of the forces in Palestine and Trans jordania is approximately 3,500. Of these approximately 1,940 belong to the British Army units, while the strength of the Royal Air Force and the Trans jordanian Frontier Force are respectively about 610 and 950. The strength of the Royal Air Force armoured car company and of the air units are respectively about 210 and 240.

I should add, Sir Philip said, that the army personnel do not constitute an approved permanent garrison. They are at present only in Palestine on a temporary basis, the strength of the forces maintained being subject to annual revision.